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So, I have a new layout for my livejournal account. The header comes from the Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane comic book 15 cover. The covers on the whole series is pretty trippy, so I might change the header every once and a while.
Also, I've been posting scans of one of my favorite short manga stories, Birthday, by Sugimoto Ami, at Yaoi Daiy . It's really good and I'm a really big fan of her writing, though it can get kinda... weird, with dinosaur mpreg stuff in Animal X. You can find my recent post of Birthday here, with links to previous stuff.
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So I change my layout again, to make it more streamlined. I really like this one.
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Ok, so I have a new layout, on both dreamwidth and lj. I made the header myself from various pics of Lois Lane, one of my all-time favorite comic book characters. It didn't come out too bad. I have got to make some icons of her, though.

Also, it's not hot out! Yay, finally some relief. My fans need to rest some.

New Layout

Apr. 4th, 2010 06:59 pm
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Got a new layout on livejournal today. This one is easier to read stories on than my old one. So, I'll now celebrate with a new quiz.

Here be the quiz )

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