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Okay, I saw the movie, The Batman vs. Dracula, and it was pretty good and had fit the tone of the series. I think it took place before season three, since no Babara or Gordon and definitely no Dick. I liked the relationship drama between Vicki Vale and Bruce, even though I knew it wouldn't work out. The fight scenes were cool and the last scene of the movie was sad but very Batman-y, I guess. Watching this series was fun and I think I might do this again, this time with the 1966 live-action show. At least it'll keep my dreamwidth and livejournal accounts updated.
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So I finished up the final season of The Batman, which is basically Justice League members team-up with Batman. I like this kind of thing, so it didn't bother me and I liked seeing Batman play off the League. My only gripe is that there was really no female superheroes other than Batgirl, in this entire series. I thought at least Wonder Woman would at least pop up, but nope. Maybe if it lasted longer more women would have popped up? Who knows? At any rate, I still really liked this series and I really liked this version of Batman, who was much more open and not a total asshole like some other versions of the character. In fact, he was more open than Superman, which was kind of weird. I'm going to watch the movie to see if it's as good as the series.
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So I just finished watching season four of The Batman and I loved it. Robin! Robin and Batgirl snark! Future episode! Alien invasions, badass Martian Manhunter and the Justice League. There were some duds, though, like the everywhere man one was stupid and his voice actor was pretty bad too. Also, not enough Selina. The making of Harley Quinn was cool but really sad (and written by Paul Dini, I'm so shocked). Welp, on to the last season and I hope it ends with a bang.
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Finished season three of the Batman. Really enjoying this series. I like the addition of Batgirl to the story and how she became Batgirl was cool and made sense. Her outfit is really cute as well. I'm surprised Robin didn't come first, though. That's how Batman stuff usually is, though I'm definitely not upset about it. My favorite episodes is of course the ones with Selina and I liked seeing how Batgirl and Catwoman played off each other. Also, there was a lot of subtext between Poison Ivy and Batgirl, especially in the beginning. The relationship between Batgirl and Batman was interesting and I like the way it progressed from annoying sidekick he didn't want to true partner-in-crime. Welp, off to the fourth season!
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So, just finished up season two and I think it's getting better. My favorite episodes are still the ones with Selina in them and the least favorite is the one with Freeze. Also, Riddler's outfit did not get less stupid, although his personality is pretty cool. Not to mention Gordon finally arrived in the end of the season. I was kind of wondering where he was, considering what a huge impact he had on the Bat lore. Now I'm going to started season three, which I hope will be just as entertaining.

The Batman

Dec. 20th, 2011 12:06 pm
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So I just watched the first season of The Batman and it wasn't that bad to me. It had a lot of cool moments and I loved the Catwoman/Batman episode. The last arc had an interesting twist I wasn't expecting and it was really sad. The only thing I didn't really like was how they changed Victor Freeze. His back story was more tragic and interesting when he was a scientist trying to find a cure for his wife than just an average bank robber. The designs on the other villains aren't too bad, though Catwoman kinda looks like Mousewoman; the ears are way too big. All in all, I liked the first season. Now on to the second!

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